Thursday, July 16, 2015

An Introduction to Part II

Welcome to Part II of “Evangelizing Thief”. In this part, I continue what I did in Part 1: analyze Thief missions, both official and fan-made, in light of my argument that Thief’s design is a prime foundation for narrative experience, as well as for exploration and discovery. The difference for Part II is that it is more diluted. In Part I, I looked at a broad swathe of Thief I and II official and fan missions. In this part, I look at three Thief fan-missions and one Thief III mission.

Two of the Thief fan missions here are ‘campaigns’: that is, there is more than one mission in them. And in setting up the Thief III mission I analyze, I introduce the game by briefly looking at a few other missions in it. But the main focus of this blog will be on four different creations, rather than several, and each of them is some of the best material from Thief. A couple of them are haunted-house missions, so I'll also argue in this Part II more specifically on Thief's potential for great horror experiences.

At the end, I’ll wrap up this project with a ‘Thief in Context’ post, and along the way throw in a few more mini-essays.

            So, then, let’s dive into this more focused, more narrow Part II.

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